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Sometimes in life we are dealt with situations and circumstances that change the way we go about life. If your loved one was born paralyzed, got into an accident that left them in a wheelchair or age has taken its toll on their legs, knees and/or feet, they may need help around the house as well as help with personal hygiene and grooming.

A to Z Home Care is Arizona’s leading handicap home care provider. With all of our caregivers being Direct Care Worker (DCW), CPR, and First Aid certified, your loved one will be in the best hands while in the care of A to Z Home Care. We also put our caregivers through an extensive background check to ensure they are who they say they are and ensure your loved one is in safe hands.

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Home care for the Blind Kid

With your loved one not being able to walk or stand to do household and personal tasks, you may be searching for in-home care for your handicapped loved one. The general speculation you may have is that putting them in a nursing home or care home is ideal. However, the experts at A to Z Home Care recommend keeping your loved one in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Whether your loved one has been handicapped for a long period of time or they recently became handicapped, they may not thrive in a new unfamiliar environment as they are either used to being in their own home or are going through a significant change in their life and being in their home will help them feel more at ease with everything and have some normalcy. With A to Z Home Care, we bring handicap home care directly to your loved one.

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Here are ways A to Z Home Care can help your loved one around the house, as well as with personal care.

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Ambulatory Assistance

If your loved one needs ambulatory assistance, A to Z Home Care can assist them in any aspect related to it. Whether your loved one needs care after outpatient surgeries, such as physical therapy, biopsies, minor surgical surgeries and more, we can assist!

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Assistance Getting Around

Our team of compassionate caregivers can assist your loved one around the hose. Our handicap home care includes helping one in and out of bed, chairs, and couch, as well as assisting with toileting and bathing.

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One of our main handicap home care assistance is helping your loved one go to the restroom, as well as assist in taking showers and baths.

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Hygiene and Grooming

Our team of professional caregivers also can assist in hygiene and grooming as we know that this is a big part in maintaining a good quality of life. We assist with combing hair, brushing teeth, and more!

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Light Housekeeping

A to Z’s home care for handicapped includes helping around the house. We know a clean house is important so we help with sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, washing dishes, laundry and making beds to keep your loved one’s home clean and comfortable.

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Meal Planning and Preparation

A to Z Home Care helps plan out meals for your loved one and prepare meals. Our caregivers talk with your loved one to see what their favorite meals and snacks are and we work with them to plan and prepare meals for them.

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Companionship and Socialization

Mental health is extremely important, especially for your loved ones who may be alone and feeling depressed about their situation with no one to talk to for most of the day while you are at work or running errands. Our compassionate caregivers provide companionship and socialization. We truly get to know your loved one and become a second family to you all.

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Exercise and Mobility

In handicapped home care, exercise and mobility is extremely important. All of our caregivers are trained to help your loved one move around and keep up a healthy lifestyle. At A to Z Home Care, we want your loved one to be able to exercise and maintain their health. We work with your loved one to keep up their muscle strength and limit bedsores from occurring. Another benefit of keeping active is it can help improve mental health if your loved one is having a hard time accepting their circumstances.

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Humor and Fun

A to Z Home Care knows the importance of humor and fun while being a caregiver. Caregiving is more than just a job to us, it is our passion and we want to form a genuine bond with your loved one as we will be spending a lot of time with them.

Arizona’s Premiere Handicap Home Care

Handicap home care does not need to be in a facility. A to Z Home Care provides expert in-home care for your loved ones. One of the great aspects about us is our flexibility in schedules. You can schedule your loved one’s care whenever or wherever you need the help. No matter the time of day, A to Z is there to help.

Our leading handicap home care allows for your loved one to be cared for when you can not be there. Ask your loved one what they need help or assistance with as well as observe what they struggle with around the house. This will allow you to pinpoint where your loved one needs extra assistance.

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How to Become a Caregiver

If you’re hesitant about letting someone you don’t know take care of your loved one, simply work with us to get FREE certification and become a paid caregiver and provide professional home care!

We know that caring for a loved one can take its toll on your time and income, that’s why at A to Z Home Care we often train family members to become their loved one’s assigned caregiver.
We can help you get ‘Direct Care Worker’ (DCW), CPR and First Aid certified so you can get paid to take care of your family member(s).

How it Works

Apply for a caregiver in the form to the right and check the ‘I would like information on becoming a caregiver for a family member’ box.
We’ll then schedule an initial call with you to tell you more about what we do, as well as learn your needs.

Who Pays for the Care

Insurance companies pay for the care and A to Z Home Care cover the cost of the training
Once you pass the certification, you are assigned as your loved one’s caregiver and we pay YOU to take care of them. It’s that simple!

Become a part of our professional home care team today!

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We absolutely believe we are the best people to care for your loved one. However, we also know what a big decision choosing the correct homecare partner is and that you may have some questions. Our professional care team is on hand to answer all of your questions, so call or fill out the below form today and we’ll get in touch with you right away