Care for Dementia Patients

As we age, so do our loved ones. And oftentimes, our loved ones develop cognitive diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. These diseases can lead to your loved one needing special care, especially during the early stages of dementia as they are beginning to change and adjust to a different way of life.

If you are looking for care for your loved ones, A to Z Home Care is Arizona’s premiere in-home care agency, specializing in care for the elderly with dementia. All of our caregivers are Direct Care Worker (DCW), CPR and First Aid certified and also go through a rigorous background check to ensure your loved one is always in safe hands.

Care for Dementia Patients
care homes for dementia patients

With your loved one being in the beginning stages of dementia, you may be looking for in-home care for the elderly with dementia. And oftentimes you might think putting them in a nursing home is the best bet. But, our experts here at A to Z Home Care recommend that your loved one stay in their home with in-home care while the disease is still in its early stages. We suggest keeping your loved ones in the comfort of their home for as long as possible, as they are going to be experiencing a big change in their life and being in a familiar environment can help them feel as if they still have some normalcy. A to Z Home Care brings the care homes for dementia patients directly to your loved one.

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Here are some early signs of dementia that may lead you to seek in-home care for eldery loved ones with dementia.

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Memory Loss

In the beginning, they may start having a difficult time recalling information such as important dates, events, new information and maybe people. A to Z Home Care’s caregivers can help to strengthen your loved one’s cognitive health by playing brain games with them. This will help stimulate their brain and help slow down the dementia process by strengthening their ability to remember important aspects.

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Hard Time Planning /Solving Problems

In the early stages of dementia, your loved one may have a hard time following simple plans we do everyday such as a recipe or directions driving to a place they have been to multiple times.
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Difficulty Performing Tasks They Have Done Before

Simple tasks, such as using a phone, making coffee/tea, preparing a meal, or using a computer can become difficult as they may not remember the steps to the task.
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Trouble Speaking or Writing

Talking to people can become hard as with early on-set dementia, your loved one may forget what they were saying mid-sentence or not remember what somebody else said a minute ago, thus making conversation hard. With A to Z Home Care, your loved one will get the companionship ad socialization they need to try and keep up their ability to converse.

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A good reason to have in-home care for the elderly with dementia, is that as they start to get the early stages of it, they will experience this before and having someone care for them in their home and calm them down and keep them company will help them during this process. They can also go through important dates that happened in the past so that your loved one can practice trying to remember them.

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Lose Items

We all forget where we put items sometimes, but for those with dementia, this can become more frequent. Our A to Z Home Care team helps care for the elderly with dementia in assisting them in finding everyday items them may have misplaced. This will help in decreasing your loved one becoming aggravated and accusing people of stealing.

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Poor Judgement

In-home care for the elderly with dementia can help your loved one with making the right choices and decisions. When dementia starts, they may forget or not bother to clean themselves or the house. But, our compassionate care workers can help them with bathing, toileting, and slight housekeeping to make sure they are living a good quality of life.

In-home Care Plan for Dementia Patients in Arizona

Dementia patients can remain comfortable in their home and still receive exceptional professional medical care with A to Z Home Care. Our plan allows for you to schedule whenever or wherever you need assistance. Say your loved one needs help or to be monitored while you are at work, we can come and take care and assist your loved one while you are away, it’s as simple as that!

Dementia is scary for everyone involved. Your loved one, suffering from it, is scared and you are worried for their well-being and are probably overwhelmed with what the best in-home care for elderly with dementia is. Discuss with your loved one what fears they have about the symptoms of dementia and what they notice they need help with. This will allow you to get their perspective of what is scaring them and where they need assistance, as well as inputting your own observations about what your loved one will need assistance with.

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How to Become a Caregiver

If you’re hesitant about letting someone you don’t know take care of your loved one, simply work with us to get FREE certification and become a paid caregiver and provide professional home care!

We know that caring for a loved one can take its toll on your time and income, that’s why at A to Z Home Care we often train family members to become their loved one’s assigned caregiver.
We can help you get ‘Direct Care Worker’ (DCW), CPR and First Aid certified so you can get paid to take care of your family member(s).

How it Works

Apply for a caregiver in the form to the right and check the ‘I would like information on becoming a caregiver for a family member’ box.
We’ll then schedule an initial call with you to tell you more about what we do, as well as learn your needs.

Who Pays for the Care

Insurance companies pay for the care and A to Z Home Care cover the cost of the training
Once you pass the certification, you are assigned as your loved one’s caregiver and we pay YOU to take care of them. It’s that simple!

Become a part of our professional home care team today!

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